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It's all about our Performers

Performers For Bragg Creek Festival 2010

Amy Bishop

Amy was born a singer, and grew into a songwriter through a lifetime of experience. She puts it all together in engaging performances that show off her range power. an evening with amy bishop delivers rollicking "ain't life grand" road songs, soulful versions of love-gone-wrong ballads, and folk-based acoustic numbers that allow her naked vocal beauty to shine through.  

Calum Graham

Calum Graham At 18, Calum has made quite a mark for himself in a variety of guitar styles. A self taught composer, teacher and performer, Calum is making an international name for himself in a short time. He has attended Master classes with world-renowned musicians throughout Canada, and shared the stage with greats such as Ian Tyson, and Ian Thomas. This summer Calum won first place at the Calgary Stampede Talent Search, in Ontario he achieved “2nd Place at the Canadian Finger style Guitar Competition, and he was honored as the first recipient of the Colin Simpson Scholarship. Earlier this year, Calum received the “Most Outstanding Performer Award “twice in the AIBF , performed with the Alberta Honor Jazz Band, and invited as the “Young Albertan “ to showcase for the Arts Touring Alliance. In August, Calum was on the front cover of the Calgary and Toronto Sun, the story of his performance guitar and the prized winning guitar, both smashed during handling on the return flight from the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar competition . Calum just finished the release of his first CD “Sunny side up”.

Chris Sandvoss

Chris SandvossBragg Creek has a number of amazing residents an Chris Sandvoss is one of them. Chris is a Luthier, making award winning violins. He doesn't just make them, he plays them too. He's a classically trained performer, but he can also jam with other local musicians on any type of music.

Elizabeth Shepherd Trio

Elizabeth ShepherdElizabeth Shepherd’s music is less about following a particular tradition than it is about expressing a creative spirit; she is an artist looking to share her take on the world. Which is not surprising coming from someone who grew up in a highly musical family, living all over Canada and France, played tenor horn in the Salvation Army brass band where her parents were ministers, had an early love-affair with hip-hop music, only to wind up studying French poetry, and eventually, classical and jazz piano at McGill University.

MG3 - Montreal Guitar Trio

MG3Described by the CBC as "the hottest guitar ensemble in Canada", the MG3 has quickly established itself as a force of rejuvenation and cross-pollenization between various musical forms. Marrying passionate virtuosity with a stealthy sense of humour, guitarists Glenn Lévesque, Marc Morin and Sébastien Dufour at once charmed the ears of seasoned critics and captured the hearts of their (now ever-expanding) audiences.

The Trio's eclectic, energetic music takes listeners on a journey through the world's many cultures — from the mysterious, exotic melodies of India to the hot rhythms of South America, Spain, the Balkans, the Orient and traditional Quebec and... Hollywood.

Nathan Rogers

Nathan RogersSome say he was born into it, some that he was born with it, while others claim he has earned it. With one foot planted firmly in folk music’s traditional roots and the other reaching into its dynamic future, Nathan Rogers isn’t entirely sure what ‘it’ is; singer, songwriter, guitarist, throat-chanter, percussionist, revivalist, or innovator. Whatever it may be, “Nathan has the ability to turn the folk world on its ears.”

Nathan’s performance style leaves the audiences wondering where the rest of the band is hiding. Singing, chanting, playing the guitar and stomping, he fills any stage with “magnificent powerfully clear lyrics and arrangements.” Described as ‘intelligent and witty’, Nathan will ‘move men and women to tears with his sound and conviction.”

Rod Thomas Squance & Abbas Janmohamed

Squance JanmohamedRod Thomas Squance is quickly gaining recognition as one of Canada’s most exciting rising musicians. A brilliant soloist, Rod is very active as a solo artist and freelance percussionist in chamber, orchestral, jazz and world music settings.

Abbas Janmohamed is one of Canada’s young and upcoming tabla artists.Emulating his idol, Ustad Zakir Hussain, in the Punjab gharana, or style, of tabla playing, Abbas is one of a handful of Canadian-born tabla players who continues to learn, develop, and refine his abilities in this classical form of Indian percussion.

Steve Pineo

Steve PineoSteve Pineo is the writer of “Canadian Man” by Paul Brandt and “Too Bad For Me” by Prairie Oyster. He is also a unique and talented performer in his own right. Working as a solo act, with an acoustic trio, with a four piece roots rock band or an 8 piece horn band, Steve’s sound is immediately recognizable. Like Ry Cooder and Mark Knopfler, Steve is a virtuoso guitar player who’s style was originally blues-based but has expanded its palette over the years. Also like Cooder and Knopfler, Steve writes about characters who could be part of a soundtrack in a “slice of life” movie. His flair for sly satire and gentle humour is comparable to John Prine and Ray Davies.