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Steve Pineo


Steve PineoSteve Pineo is the writer of “Canadian Man” by Paul Brandt and “Too Bad For Me” by Prairie Oyster. He is also a unique and talented performer in his own right. Working as a solo act, with an acoustic trio, with a four piece roots rock band or an 8 piece horn band, Steve’s sound is immediately recognizable. Like Ry Cooder and Mark Knopfler, Steve is a virtuoso guitar player who’s style was originally blues-based but has expanded its palette over the years. Also like Cooder and Knopfler, Steve writes about characters who could be part of a soundtrack in a “slice of life” movie. His flair for sly satire and gentle humour is comparable to John Prine and Ray Davies.

Steve was born in Toronto Ontario, learned guitar at age nine, moved to Calgary in 1978, went to Western Canada High School, took a brief stab at post secondary at U Vic., and then started his musical career. He played solo acoustic gigs at the Kensington Deli Café one night and blues gigs at the King Eddie the next day and was virtually unstoppable at house parties. With a legendary bag of songs, he could sing until sun up without repeating a tune. Although he’s a little older and wiser now, Steve Pineo still pursues his music with a relentless, restless passion and a thirst for truth and inspiration that will continue for the rest of his life.




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